Payment Methods

When joining any website that involves payment, it is important you take a look at the methods for depositing and withdrawal to ensure there is a method available for you to use should you wish. You should be aware of the fact there are some methods that will allow you to deposit but not receive funds, such as some credit cards, so if this is the method you choose to deposit funds you should ensure you have another way to receive any money you may wish to withdraw in the future.Bingo Payment Methods

It may also be helpful to be aware that if you’re using your mobile phone to make a deposit, you may not always be able to use as many payment methods as desktop versions of the website may allow.

Payment by credit or debit card

The most common methods are credit or debit cards, as the majority of people in the UK will have access to these. You should be aware that using a credit card may come with a fee and if you’re currently on an interest-free credit card, purchases from such websites may be exempt. You should read the small print or make contact with your credit card company before making a deposit using this method. If the fee is small, you may decide that it is worth it if it gives you access to a larger bonus.Credit Card Payment

Third-party wallet sites

Other methods that you may wish to use are Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, Neteller and Ukash. Many bingo sites also allow members to use PayPal, and some will even allow deposits by mobile phone, and these are added to your phone bill. You should always make sure you make a note of any deposits that you make using a method which you are not billed for instantly. For example, credit cards and phone bills, as it is very easy to forget how much you have spent, only to receive a bill you may well struggle to pay.

Make sure you read the conditions about the methods

You should be aware that there will be minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limits, and these might differ between payment methods. For example, if you have a win, some may allow you to split the payment between different methods, some will require you to withdraw a portion of it over a period of several days, and others will insist that wins over a certain amount are paid by cheque. It is worth checking this, as you need to make sure that there is a viable way for you to receive payment should you be lucky enough to win big.

With so many different payment methods available, you should find that bingo is accessible to anybody who should wish to play. As long as you read the terms and conditions properly, you should be able to manage your money easily and enjoy your game.